Flex Boxer 2.0 (High Absorption)

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Our hypoallergenic super comfortable 4-way Flexible Stretch Boxer Briefs have been upgraded and reimagined to suit and function effectively when used as potty training underwear or for high incontinence. Tony & Ava Flex Boxer Briefs are made with breathable bamboo and charcoal lining to fight odors and bacteria rendering them ideal for potty training and heavy incontinence protection. The soft fabric features sweat-wicking technology, while flat seaming throughout helps prevent chafing - so your child feels confident and ready to tackle the day ahead and eliminate embarrassing surprises. 

Customer Reviews

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Lauren Pace
Not fully absorbent but VERY comfortable

My stepson is 10yrs old and has been wetting the bed for the better part of the last 7yrs. I have looked high and low to find him some form of guard, pad and or underwear that would help protect his sheets and bedding from needing daily washing but also give him confidence to go through life. He’s not able to go to sleepovers and feel very self conscience. When I came across these boxers I had high hopes! The first night wearing them he said they were SO comfortable and was thrilled that he didn’t have to go to bed wearing a guard or diaper for the first time in years. The second night we wet… the underwear did absorb a lot of the pee but definitely not all. It did leak through and onto the bed and sheets. My hope though is these will maybe giving him the confidence he’s been lacking to hopefully stop. Fingers crossed!!!!! At least these could be a pair he could wear to a sleepover for a little protection and feel like the other kids. That is such a game changer!

Toni Hess

I have struggled to find underwear this this for a year or two for my Autistic son who has done bladder issues and does not want anyone to know. He says they are comfortable and super absorbent. Thank you!

  • Maintain outerwear dry
  • Snug fit to body without looking bulky
  • Elastic waistband for secure fit
  • Environmentally friendly

Moisture Wicking  

Dry Fast 

Anti-Slip Waistband
for Comfort and Support 


Fights Odors 

Extra Leg Room to
Allow Movement and Play


My 9 year old daughter has Pandas disease and often wets the bed at night because of it. She has been embarrassed to stay over at anyone's house because of it. These underwear gave her the confidence to stay over at other places.

Stephanie Angell

These one-of-a-kind, lined underwear briefs provide added protection for girls prone to accidents. Thank you!


 I am so very impressed with these underwear and want to thank you for giving my son some well deserved comfort. These underwear work great for leakage in-between catching. Great quality. My son says they are the most comfortable thing he has worn. Seriously thank you!

By Mellissa Ockerman