Bikini Snug Fit

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Our Snug fit bikini is designed with breathable, sensory-friendly fabric, ravel-free waistband, and 4-way stretch fabric. The plush, ravel -free waistband is sure to hold up wash after wash and withstand her active lifestyle and play. Breathable bamboo and charcoal lining helps fight and eliminate odors. Great for potty training and offers protection for everyday light to heavy incontinence. Available fashionable solid Rose-red and Black.  

Customer Reviews

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Audrey Halden

They work amazingly well for my child that was not confident being a sleepovers. Thank you for this product!

Margaret Coon
Great quality

These are very nice panties and do a great job in catching the leaks.

Erin Springer

Bikini Snug Fit

Moisture Wicking  

Dry Fast 

Anti-Slip Waistband
for Comfort and Support 


Fights Odors 

Extra Leg Room to
Allow Movement and Play

What people are saying...

My 9 year old daughter has Pandas disease and often wets the bed at night because of it. She has been embarrassed to stay over at anyone's house because of it. These underwear gave her the confidence to stay over at other places.

Stephanie Angell

These one-of-a-kind, lined underwear briefs provide added protection for girls prone to accidents. Thank you!


 I am so very impressed with these underwear and want to thank you for giving my son some well deserved comfort. These underwear work great for leakage in-between catching. Great quality. My son says they are the most comfortable thing he has worn. Seriously thank you!

By Mellissa Ockerman