Tony & Ava

About us


I’m SO excited to bring you our amazing suite of products that I love with all my heart and I know that you will love it as well. When I first created Tony & Ava, I simply wanted a better alternative to bulky diapers so that my daughter Ava, who at the time was non verbal and has Autism, could find some form of normalcy. It was important to me that Ava could wear underwear made from regular cloth. It had to look and feel like underwear that could also offer her leak control protection as we transitioned and potty trained. It was important to me that she felt empowered at her young age, to look and feel like a 6- year old girl. This very passion pushed me to create a product that assured me she wouldn't leak and prevent embarrassing moments for both of us in the future. I am confident that you will love the protection, flexibility and functionality this underwear brings to your child’s life. Most importantly, you'll love the comfort this underwear gives your child and the confidence boost you’ll see in your child even more. I believe that underwear is the most basic and fundamental article of clothing one owns.We here at Tony and Ava believe that every child should have the right to his or her own pair of underwear, whether it’s regular or adaptive. We designed Tony and Ava so that every child can be comfortable and assured freedom of mobility in breathable, leak-controlled underwear. I can’t wait for you to see your child’s transformation. This is for you and this is for them. From our family to yours.

Love, Marilyn, Founder and Mom to Antonio (Tony) and Ava