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Robert Jawetz, MD, FAAP

As a pediatrician I am often asked about enuresis products. Older children with enuresis crave their independence and "normalcy". Tony and Ava Leak Control underwear allows them to wear stylish looking undergarments just like any other child while still keeping them safe and dry.

Medical School - Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1999
Residency - Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, 2002
In private practice for 18+ years

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Sacha Gnesin OTR/L

Using Tony and Ava's Leak Control Underwear has been an essential modality in my practice. Not only has it helped children during this transition time when learning how to toilet train, but it also allows for increased independence in this skill due to its style and material. No longer do children have to be burdened with wearing uncomfortable and obvious pull ups/diapers; they can freely wear standard looking underwear that provides them with comfort, security and an increased quality of life.  

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Dr. Tiffany Scott MD, FAAP

The menstrual underwear and swimwear are both comfortable and absorbent. Children with special needs may be more aware of differences in texture and moisture with bulky menstrual pads or swim diapers. The menstrual underwear feels just like underwear so your child can continue to be active and comfortable. Best of all they can be washed and reused. 

General Pediatrician in practice since 2011
Completed medical degree at The University of Michigan Medical School and Pediatric Residency at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.