Benefits Of Period Underwear For Non-Binary Kids And Teens

By now, we all know that menstruation doesn't have a gender. Not every person that menstruates is a teenage girl, and not all teenage girls menstruate. It sounds like a conundrum, doesn't it? But with your non-binary teenager, you've come to realize exactly why this is true.

And when it's your non-binary child's time of the month, many parents turn to the standard packaged menstrual products like pads, liners, and tampons. It's just common practice as a parent of a non-binary teen that finds themselves in the grocery store or pharmacy staring at the selection of products wondering which one is best for their child.

Yet, there is another option for parents of non-binary teens who are faced with that monthly visitor—period underwear that's leak and stain-proof while also discreet.

In this blog, we are going to dive into the benefits of period underwear for your non-binary teenager and answer some of your most common questions about period underwear that we hear from our customers regularly.

Can my teenager wear period underwear all day?

Your LGBTQ menstruater can find themselves stressed about leakage and support for their period constantly that lasts all day. They're not alone in this. Period underwear from Tony & Ava is designed to be worn most of the day when they're at school without worry. This, of course, depends on how heavy their flow is.

What about the benefits of period underwear?

Let's dive into some of our favorite benefits of period underwear!

Better For the planet

Can you imagine how many tampons and pads are used during every woman's and non-binary life? It's something in the thousands without a doubt, and that means you're leaving behind not just the pad and tampon but all of the packaging that comes with them.

Period underwear from Tony & Ava are designed to be machine washable and re-used, so you don't have to keep piling up waste month after month.

Easy To Use

Tampons can be complicated and even something your non-binary teenager doesn't really want to do in the school bathroom. That's where the easy-to-use period underwear comes in. you can put them on as easy as putting on a pair of underwear, and they can even carry an extra pair with them for those days when they're dealing with a heavier than normal flow.

They're affordable

Tampons and pads can quickly add up in price, especially as inflation and other things cause them to rise in cost. However, period underwear is an affordable option that tends to offer better and longer-lasting protection for your teenager. And the best part is that you don't have to throw them away after using them either.

They're discreet

We've designed Tony & Ava's period underwear to be completely discreet so that your non-binary teenager can wear them without worry and stress. They're designed to feel more like a pair of regular underwear than like the ultimate in period protection they are.

They're available in different styles and colors.

Our period underwear comes in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors for your teen to choose from. This way, they can fully express themselves with colors they enjoy and feel comfortable in.

They're leak-proof.

We've designed all of our period underwear to be ultimately leak-proof, so your teenager doesn't have to worry about being out and about or at school and leakage to show through their clothing.

They're comfortable

Some non-binary teens find that pads and tampons are more uncomfortable than they imagined. Or they may even feel that they're bulky to wear. Period underwear provides complete protection while also being as comfortable as a regular pair of underwear.

They can be worn while swimming.

There's nothing worse than menstruating on a day you're going to be swimming in the ocean or a pool. With period underwear, your teenager doesn't have to worry about leakage and damage to a period product while swimming because we have period underwear that is swim-proof.

They build confidence

When your non-binary teenager has the support they need to be themselves and not have to worry about leakage or constantly rushing to the restroom to change a tampon or pad, it can help them build better confidence in their daily lives.

If you're looking for that extra support for your non-binary menstruater, Tony & Ava's absorbent period underwear are designed to provide leak-proof protection, so they live their lives without worrying about their flow.