Kids With Potty-Training Issues Going To School

Going back to school is an exciting time, especially after so much time away. However, it can also be nerve-racking for some children who struggle with potty training. Whether they are sporadically having accidents or haven’t yet grasped the concept of potty training, getting your child ready for diaper-free elementary school is important. In this blog, we’ll go over how to prepare your child for going back to school, we’ll give you 5 tips for last-minute back-to-school potty training, and discuss how purchasing leak-proof underwear for your child can help. 

How to Prepare Your Diaper-Free Elementary School

It’s important that your child knows to never give up and that any attempt at getting to the bathroom in time is a positive step towards potty training. Hopefully, teachers know to do this in the classroom as well, but it’s never a bad idea to check in with them ahead of time. Phrases like “you try buddy you were so close” and “great effort, you made it down the hall” are important to children’s ability to learn and grow as they, like all of us, learn more from positive reinforcement than scolding. When a child feels supported in their attempts, even when they aren’t successful, they’re far more likely to try again and eventually reach their goal of making to the bathroom on their own. 

There are also ways to help avoid embarrassment around accidents at school. The Tony & Ava company created leak-proof underwear that allows for accidents without the social stigma that follows. This can aid in your children learning at their own pace but not being embarrassed if they don’t quite make it. Tony & Ava created underwear that protects against leaks, stains, and odors from the hypoallergenic, charcoal-lined material. This helps them so that they don’t have to change their pants and underwear and it is much more inconspicuous. Tony & Ava also designed underwear that has sweat-wicking fabric so that your child can be comfortable while running around and enjoy being a kid back in school, regardless of their potty training status. 

5 Tips for Last-Minute Back-to-School Potty Training

  1. Re-evaluate Your Goal: 

We all want our children to master potty training and throw out all the diapers and pull-ups and we have. But when you are in the final months or weeks of summer, if you’re child simply isn’t there yet, redefine your goal. Maybe your child is only going in for half-days, so focus on helping them fight against accidents just for that amount of time. 

  1. Let Nighttime Accidents Go:

Nighttime accidents can be difficult for any child who has or is struggling with potty training. For now, just focus on the daytime when your child will be in school. For the night time use Tony & Ava’s leak-proof underwear so that they can feel comfortable and sleep well. Eventually, your child will be able to make it through the night without an accident but trying to do too much all at once can be overwhelming and disheartening for you and your kids. 

  1. There’s Nothing Wrong With A Little Bribery 

While you may think this is a big parenting faux pax, small among of bribing can be helpful in the potty training process. Maybe allowing for an extra 15 minutes of screen time, or a special afterschool snack will help your child be cognizant of how often accidents occur throughout the day. 

  1. Give Your Child’s Teacher A Head’s Up 

Along with what we said in tip #1, the way that teachers and school employees react and deal with potty training issues can be helpful or derail all the work you’re doing at home. Talk with your child’s teacher about what techniques you’re implementing at home and how you want them to engage with your kid around the topic. Tons and tons of parents have this same conversation so most likely the teacher will know what to do and that will help to put your mind at ease. 

  1. Be Realistic 

This is not going to fix itself overnight, or maybe it will, we have no way of knowing. But being realistic with yourself and your expectations will help you remain positive going forward. Perhaps you’ll try to have your child wear leak-proof absorbent underwear to school and regular underwear at home to practice. This is fine and normal, you’re child will progress when they’re ready and potty training looks different on every child. 

Tony & Ava’s absorbent underwear is perfect for the kid who wants to go to school without pullups or diapers but isn’t quite ready to avoid accidents completely. They are discreet, comfortable and aid against stains, odors, and embarrassment.